The Yawara Stick is a highly effective personal defense tool for professionals and citizens.


Yawara Stick History 

The Yawara Stick is a Japanese weapon used in various martial arts. It is believed by many to have originated from the use of the Kongou, a Buddhist symbolic object, used by Buddhist monks. The Yawara Stick is sometimes referred to as the palm stick. In 1940 Professor F.A Matsuyama introduced the Yawara Stick to the U.S. I believe because the Yawara Stick basics were easy to learn and police officers could immediately apply it as an effective tool; it was quickly adopted by police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Yawara Stick & Law Enforcement:

I have personally deployed the Yawara Stick in the field many times and have used it more often than my baton. The Yawara Stick can be used to assist with applying control holds, takedowns, nerve stimulation or be used as an impact weapon. The Yawara Stick provides you with a multitude of force options. It can be used in applying low, intermediate, or high levels of force. I highly recommend this tool for professionals working patrol or corrections. This tool is also very well suited for detectives and plain clothed officers.

Yawara stick & Citizens: 

The Yawara Stick is an excellent personal defense tool for men and women who are looking to even the playing field when it comes to personal defense. The Yawara Stick techniques can easily be adapted to various improvised weapons, such as flashlights, pens, and even cell phones. Within a very short period of time, you can learn the basic techniques and have the skills needed to better defend yourself. 

How to choose a Yawara Stick or Kubaton:

Yawara Sticks have seen many ups and downs in their popularity ever since their inception in the Shaolin Temples of feudal Japan. The monks used these as their protection from the miscreants. Then it came to the US with the seminars that Frank Matsuyama organized post the World War II. He convinced the police to use the Yawara stick as one alternative to their weapons. He even designed a model for this pocket stick. But the popularity of Yawara stick fell with time, and people almost seemed to have forgotten this martial art weapon. Just in the last few years, Yawara sticks have again hit the market and people have found a special liking for these small weapons. 

There are many models of Yawara sticks available in the market. The sticks are made from a range of materials such as PVC, metal, bone and of course wood. Though wood is still a popular form, but the plastic varieties are gaining in popularity too. The biggest factor to choosing Yawara sticks is your comfort level. You should have a particular comfort while holding the stick within your palms. 

The size of the Yawara stick would depend on the size of your palm. Commonly the sticks are of 5 ½ inches to 6 ½ inches in length. The front and back portions protrude out from the palms. But there are some users who like to keep the entire thing concealed. Then there are others who like a bit extra protrusion from the hand, for the grip’s sake. These factors would dictate the size of stick you buy. 

The Yawara sticks come with various grips. The grips are made of various materials. You can choose a grip that gives you an extra force. While using the sticks any extra force would be welcome. There are many people who have perspiring hands, in such instances you should opt for a non-slipping grip or may be add something extra to the stick.